COVID-19 Pandemic

The salon has been closed for a week now due to the coronavirus outbreak! This is the first Saturday that the salon has been closed. EVER! This has been a very difficult week for most businesses and individuals, but sadly the difficulties for hair extension wearers may have only just begun. Hair extensions require maintenance. Without regular maintenance, issues can arise and the natural hair may be compromised. This is highly concerning for us at the salon as we are very vocal on aftercare and ensuring that our clients natural hair is cared for. We would like to reassure to all our clients that we are here 24/7 to offer support and advice. We have designed removal videos, which will help our clients to safely remove their hair when the time comes. Your extensions can then be kept safely at home for when we re-open and can be re-fit. We have purchased a special tool for clients to borrow. These are to be left at Demters Health food shop in Sandbach town centre, who are able to remain open as they stock so many fabulous essential items! If you would like to borrow some of the tools please contact us in advance. For clients who need to contact us via phone, please call 07852 755469. This is Lisa’s direct number. Take great care everyone, we look forward to the day the salon can reopen and we can get back to doing what we LOVE… YOUR HAIR x

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