Hair Loss Systems

Hair Loss can be debilitating in so many ways for both women and men, with many individuals seeking treatment from GP’s, Trichologist’s and health professionals only to find that they hit a brick wall for a cure or treatment that works, which can be truly heart breaking. We have worked tirelessly and trained with literally the best of the best to be able to smash through that wall and offer alternative systems to help clients suffering from hair loss create the look they could only ever have dreamed of.

We offer in depth consultations for clients wanting to find out more about our systems. Consultations are 1 hour long and are charged at £30, this is deducted off the total cost of your system should you proceed to book a fitting and it is suitable. We always recommend that clients come to their consultation with a good understanding of the reasons for their hair loss, without this knowledge we may not be able to help and could refer you back to your GP for further tests. Please feel free to call the salon and speak to Lisa prior to booking so that we can discuss whether its the right time for you to attend a consultation 01270 748910.

All our hair systems are completely bespoke; tailored to perfection to suit each clients requirements and needs. The hair system you will require will depend on the reason and extent of hair loss, the area size and the look you would like to create.

Micro Parting System

Our bespoke Micro Parting Systems are fantastic for clients who mainly need extra help on their parting and/or crown area! These systems are easy to wear and care for and can be worn with hair extensions, if the natural hair is suited.  Maintenance is recommended every 4-6 weeks. The longevity of your system will depend on the quality of hair you wish to purchase. This is all discussed within your consultation. Micro partings can also be custom made as a toppper, to allow the wearer to fit their new parting at home, as and when they wish too.

lace 1closure 1micro parting

micro parting 2

The Lace Integrated Enhancer System

The systems can be life changing for client who suffer with more extensive loss of hair, or for those who are recovering from chemo or have suffered total loss of hair too. They are completely custom made and intricately tailored to ensure that they offer the correct coverage and look natural. These systems are worn permanently, so are perfect for clients who do not want to wear wigs and want to have confidence that their hair is their own, no matter what the weather or where they choose to go. Due to the complicity of these systems please be aware that there may be a wait for your system to be designed and made, so please ensure you plan ahead. Maintenance is recommended every 4-6 weeks. The longevity of your system will depend on the quality of hair you wish to purchase. This is all discussed within your consultation.

hairloss system 1

intergration image 1

intergration image

Scalp Micropigmentation

We are lucky to have the incredibly talented HED INC based with us at the salon, specialising in Scalp Micropigmentation. Scalp Micropigmentation (or SMP as its also known) is becoming the ultimate non-surgical solution for hair loss. Organic pigments are precisely applied to the scalp to replicate the appearance of real hair follicles, which can create a natural appearance of hair growth for men, or act as a camouflage for ladies wanting to hide thinning hair and create a fuller look. SMP can work well for clients who have had hair transplants to create further density or work well with our hair loss systems for some clients too. This can be discussed within consultation.


density & scar coverage

density & scar coverage

female density

female density