Holiday/Summer Hair


Tips for anyone experiencing the dreaded blonde ‘holiday’ hair! Due to the lovely weather we have been having theres a risk it can cause blonde extensions to alter in colour! Turning them an orangey/pink. This is the exact same risk for extension wearers who go abroad.

This happens because of a chemical reaction from the hair and the sun, often more pronounced in hard water areas and water abroad as they use different filtration systems to ourselves it is caused from iodine.

This can also happen with some ingredients from suncream, perfume, moisturisers and shampoos. If this happens don’t try and colour the hair this will damage your extensions. Silver shampoo WILL NOT work. You need to try and keep your hair out of strong sunlight and avoid any products getting onto your hair and hands if your touching your hair.

If you are effected you can soak your hair on the affected areas with LEMON JUICE! Leave for around half an hour, longer if needed and wash and dry as normal and this may help to remove any brassiness. There is also a product from Malibu C called Hard Water which are little packets of hair crystals that remove this discolouration that can be ordered from

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