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Our hair is produced exclusively by Remi Cachet and more specifically from their beautiful Remy Elegance Range.  This hair is double drawn and sourced from Southern Russia and Mongolia and hand selected with delicate production to ensure high quality is maintained throughout the production process. It truly is the best of the best when it comes to Remy hair and will offer you a lifespan of up to 12 months wear with the correct aftercare and maintenance. The technology on our wefts are the most advanced on the market and feature a Flat Top making them lie much flatter than other wefted hair brands which also ensures they remain discreet. The Remi Cachet Elegance Range is very easy to care for, with zero matting and shedding and is available in a wide range of colours, including root drag shades. Prices are inclusive of hair, fitting and styling. Please note these are guide prices only, prices may differ dependant on colour.

Braidless Weft Hair Extensions

16″ 50grams 100grams 150grams 200grams
£192 £359 £459 £559
20″ 60grams 120grams 180grams 240grams
£212 £410 £499-£529 £659
24″ 70grams 140grams 210grams 280grams
£232 £469 £593 £730

Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

 12” 50strands


100strands 60grams 150strands 90grams 200strands 120gram
£178 £346 £474 £532
16” 50strands



100 grams







£568 £632
20” 50strands


100strands 100grams 150strands 150grams 200strands 200grams
£235 £440 £585 £679
24” 50strands


100strands 100grams 150strands 150grams 200strands 200grams
£249 £458 £627 £736

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in Deluxe (remy hair) Hair only Fit, shaped & Styled
16” 120grams £129 £155
16” 240grams £210 £245
20” 150grams £149 £179
20” 300grams £288 £318


Weave Removal £18
Wash Trim & Dry after removal £20
Weave Re-tighten 1 track £25
Weave Re-tighten 2 tracks £40
Weave Re-tighten 3-4 tracks £50
Weave Re-fit 1 track £40
Weave Re-fit 2 tracks £60
Weave Re-fit 3-4 tracks £80
Self-Purchased hair* cut/style after fitting +£20
Keratin Bond Removal From £30
Wash Trim & Dry after removal £20
Keratin Bond Maintenance From £40
Keratin Bond Re-tipping 50 strands £55
Keratin Bond Re-tipping 100 strands £90
Keratin Bond Re-tipping 150 strands £125
Keratin Bond Re-tipping 200 strands £160
Keratin Bond Re-fit 50 strands £105
Keratin Bond Re-fit 100 strands £175
Keratin Bond Re-fit 150 strands £245
Keratin Bond Re-fit 200 strands £280
Wanded curl & Style £20
Curl & Pin (+£6 to take pins home) £25
Smoothing Blow Dry (extensions only) From £30

*We will only agree to fitting hair self purchased if its of a certain hair grade or brand. Please contact the salon to discuss.

A £10 deposit is required to secure your consultation appointment. This deposit will be either deducted from the total cost of your extensions should you make a fitting appointment or returned to you after your consultation if you decide not to go ahead. Your required length may not always be available due to supplier demand.