Scalp Micropigmentation

We are lucky to have the incredibly talented HED INC based with us at the salon, specialising in Scalp Micropigmentation. Scalp Micropigmentation (or SMP as its also known) is becoming the ultimate non-surgical solution for hair loss! Organic pigments are precisely applied to the scalp to replicate the appearance of real hair follicles, which can create a natural appearance of hair growth for men, or act as a camouflage for ladies wanting to hide thinning hair and create a fuller look.The benefits are endless!

Owner Gary Shaw has dedicated his time to learn about both male and female hair loss and understands fully the effects hair loss can have on individuals both physically and psychologically. His aim is to help restore confidence and self esteem using this very safe non abrasive treatment, whilst being able to offer professional advice and 5 star aftercare. We can not recommend them enough.

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  • An affordable alternative to hair transplantation surgery

  • Instant and long lasting results – up to 5 years

  • Replicates the appearance of natural hair follicles 

  • Gives clients a younger appearance instantly

  • Discreet and no down time needed

  • Hides scars and imperfections

  • Minimal aftercare required

  • Gentle and painless procedure

  • Works well for clients who have undergone hair transplantation surgery and want to create further density


  • An affordable alternative to hair transplantation surgery 

  • Instant and long lasting results – up to 5 years

  • Gentle and pain free

  • Camouflages the scalp and creates density

  • Makes the hair look fuller

  • Excellent for receding hairlines

  • Combats the effects of common diffuse hair loss and androgenic alopecia

  • Minimal aftercare